KOLLECT was founded on the prominent brotherhood between Kam Mitchell, Keegan Jervis, and Hootie Shepherd.  Born and raised in Jacksonville, FL we bring a combined 20+ years of hands on experience to the table. Kam, a distinguished member of the vintage community began his journey over 4 years ago with Kam's Vintage. Selling online via eBay and Depop, along with hosting various vintage markets in Charlotte, NC, Kam's Vintage laid the foundation KOLLECT walks on now. Keegan, a sales and marketing professional and certified full stack web developer, orchestrates the back end of the business operation. Hootie, a cut and sew fashion creator, and owner of our in house brand Pneuma, is the final piece that sews it all together. 

Conceptualizing KOLLECT as an extension of ourselves, we seek to provide a premium shopping experience to OUR community along with a platform for ALL aspiring curators, artists, and entrepreneurs.